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Ensemble Designs Avenue 6030 Video-Reference AES/ Word Clock Generator

Ensemble Designs Avenue 6030 Video-Reference AES/ Word Clock Generator
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6030 Video-Reference AES/ Word Clock Generator


  • - Video reference input accepts video, color black or sync
  • - Switch-selectable PAL or NTSCoperation
  • - Six AES3id outputs
  • - Two word clock outputs
  • - Detection and indication of input signal errors
  • - On-board crystal controlled oscillator
  • - Reverts to on-board oscillator upon loss of video reference
  • - Alarm output to warn of loss of video reference
  • - Local or remote control of all module settings


The 6030 module provides silent AES and word clock outputs that are locked to a reference video input such as house color black. The 6030 is indispensable in video installations with digital audio equipment. Use it to generate digital audio “black” and to lock A/D converters, sample rate converters, audio workstations, or any other digital audio equipment that accepts an AES or word clock signal as a reference. Like all modules in the Avenue series, the 6030 may be controlled either locally or remotely. Alternately, consider using the 5400/5410 series.


The 6030 module produces silent AES and word clock outputs (Fs=48 kHz) which are derived from aPAL or NTSC video input signal. The module has an on-board crystal oscillator which may also be used to drive the AES and word clock outputs. The user may select one of the following references for the module outputs: the video input on the module, the master video reference input on the Avenue tray, or the on-board crystal oscillator. There is an alarm output to warn of loss of the video reference, and the user may program the module to either mute the outputs or automatically revert to the on-board oscillator upon loss of the video reference. All local controls and indicators are available via the Avenue remote control system.

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