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Ensemble Designs Avenue 5400 and 5410 Dual Sync Generator and Test Signal Generator with HD Tri-Level Sync

Ensemble Designs Avenue 5400 and 5410 Dual Sync Generator and Test Signal Generator with HD Tri-Level Sync
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5400 and 5410 Dual Sync Generator and Test Signal Generator with HD Tri-Level Sync


  • - Use as Master Sync Gen or lock to external reference or GPS
  • - Generates 30+ test signals
  • - Digital and analog video outputs
  • - Primary and secondary outputs can be independently timed
  • - HD Tri-Level Sync output
  • - Can provide 525 and 625 outputs simultaneously
  • - 5410 option provides AES, word clock, analog tone, embedded audio, EDHEDH error, and 6 Hz pulse outputs
  • - Audio Automatic Gain Control option


The 5400 Dual Sync Generator/Test Signal Generator is a stable timing source that is perfect for local reference generation in broadcast, remote trucks and post. Dual outputs, simultaneously in analog composite and serial digital, and an HD Tri-Level Sync reference output are generated. Analog and AES audio outputs are optional.


The 5400 can operate from an internal precision frequency reference as a stand-alone Master Sync Generator or lock to a video reference. For the ultimate in precision, the 5400 can lock to an external 10 MHz source, such as an atomic standard or GPS receiver.


Two sets (primary and secondary) of composite outputs and serial outputs are provided. Each output set can be timed with respect to the reference to any point in the television frame. Color framing tracks the reference signal. Timing adjustments for primary and secondary outputs are configured independently. The 5400 can be configured to output 525 and 625 standards simultaneously.


The primary sync generator always outputs the test pattern generator. The Cyclops feature adds a motion element to the video test signal. An ID slate with user-programmable text can overlay the test pattern. The secondary sync generator always outputs color black.


For complex facilities, the 5400 can be paired with the 5405 Dual Analog SPG module, adding two more sets of timeable reference (black burst) outputs.


The HD Tri-Level Sync output provides an analog timing reference for high definition applications and is independently timeable. There are a variety of user-selectable formats including: 1080i, 720p, 1080p and 1080sF. When using the sF formats, the Tri-Level output has the proper 4:5 frame relationship with respect to the standard definition output. The 5410 option provides a 6 Hz output which is useful in telecine applications.


AES3id, word clock, analog tone and embedded audio reference outputs are offered with the optional 5410 sub module. The AES outputs are synchronous to the 525 and 625 outputs as they all share the same time base, making the 5400 a perfect fit in multi-standard facilities. With the 5410, the primarySDI output will have EDH checksums inserted.

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