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Ensemble Designs Avenue 7420 HD/SD Logo Inserter

Ensemble Designs Avenue 7420 HD/SD Logo Inserter
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7420 HD/SD Logo Inserter


  • - Key still logos and animations
  • - HD and SD operation
  • - Fail-Safe bypass in case of power failure
  • - Flash memory card for transferring logos
  • - Includes Avenue Logo Authoring and Management software
  • - Control through Avenue Control System and 8 GPI triggers
  • - 16 channel audio support, passes embedded audio
  • - Program/Preview outputs or Key/Fill outputs
  • - Full 10 bit linear keying and processing


HD and SD Logo Insertion and Branding

The 7420 is a dual rate logo inserter that can accept either an SD or HD video input and key still logos and animations over program material. The logo insertion capability can be used to add letterbox framing. It can also be used to key sports or event logos, or to source a virtual set background. The on-board memory can play back almost a minute of uncompressed video.


Handy Flash Memory


The 7420 is fitted with a Secure Digital flash memory card in order to provide an extremely fast and easy way to transfer material. This is a particularly convenient method for pre-building material off-line. Simply transfer logos and animations to a Secure Digital flash memory card using a standard card reader, then insert into the 7420.


The 7420’s flash memory card can be removed and reinstalled without interrupting logo playback. Alternately, logos can be loaded into one or more 7420s over Ethernet. The flash memory card is used for transfer while the actual logo and animation playback comes from the 7420’s DDR2 memory.


Linear Keying

The 7420 provides two cascaded, full linear keyers with transparency and a programmable transition rate. Each keyer is independently controllable and each has independent access to up to 2 GB of stored video. Standard configuration is Keyer 1 and 2 each populated with 1 GB of DDR2 (SODIMM) memory. Users can upgrade to 2 GB of DDR2.


Audio Support


Sound and voice-overs can be associated with logos and clips. Each keying channel can playback a stereo sound file simultaneously with video. Audio is mixed into the user-selected output channel.


Avenue Logo Authoring Environment


The Avenue Logo authoring environment provides a means to import graphics, animations and sound files. Video files are converted to the appropriate SD or HD color space, adjusted for proper aspect ratio, and organized in a form suitable to download into the 7420. Lossless compression ensures logos, animations and clips look as good in the program output as when they were created. The authoring system allows importing sound files which can be associated with one or more still or animated logos. Video and audio files are associated through the Avenue Logo authoring software. Avenue Logo software can be provided to your clients so they can build sports or event logos off-line.




Playback of sequences can be issued through a variety of methods. All Avenue modules can be accessed via Ethernet with Avenue Logo software, Avenue PC software, or through third-party support using TCP/IP or SNMP protocols. Automation interfaces can be made through a simple ASCII protocol via the RS-232 port specific to the module. Single GPI contact closures can be used to initiate logo sequences.

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