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Ensemble Designs Avenue 5420 SD Logo Inserter

Ensemble Designs Avenue 5420 SD Logo Inserter
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5420 SD Logo Inserter


  • - Key still logos and animations
  • - User upload of logos over serial or ethernet
  • - Store multiple logo and animations of varying sizes
  • - Logo H & V positioning
  • - Density (Transparency) control of logo
  • - Fade or cut keys on/off
  • - Digital linear additive keying
  • - Program and preview outputs or key and fill outputs
  • - 10 bit uncompressed logo storage in flash memory
  • - Full 10 bit keying and processing
  • - Includes software for logo management
  • - Program sequences of logos, animations and transitions
  • - Control through RS-232 serial, ethernet, GPI triggers (8), or the Avenue Control System
  • - User defined input failure logo
  • - EDH monitoring and insertion
  • - Passes embedded audio


The 5420 Logo Inserter module keys a still logo or an animation over program material. Alternately the 5420 can supply separate fill and key to a production switcher. This module can be used in an Avenue 3RU or 1RU frame.


Generate logos and animations in your favorite graphics software and then upload them into the 5420’s nonvolatile flash memory. Multiple logos and animations of varying sizes can be stored.


Logo position and logo density can be adjusted from the Avenue control system, using an Avenue Touch Screen or Avenue PCGPIs, serial interface and ethernet are also available for control. Sequences of logos, animations and transitions can be programmed.

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